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Tan Chau

Tân Châu is a district-level town (thị xã) of An Giang Province in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. As of 2003 the district had a population of 159,719. The district covers an area of 159 km². It was upgraded to town in 2014 and has a population of 204000.

It is famous for Tân Châu silk with the famous product lãnh Mỹ A which black is dyed by Diospyros mollis's fruit (Vietnamese: Mặc nưa).

Tân Châu was formed in 1757. Tân Châu District was the largest province of Châu Đốc, but divided by the separation (in 1929 separated Hong Ngự District), 1968 (split up from part of Tan Phu district), and the Tân Châu district now is part of An Giang Province.

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